Response to the clarifications and intimating from Manuel Ros.

Public followed my letter of 14 July 2016 sent in response to the letter of “clarification” of 05 July and the “warning” of July 14, Manuel Ros, sent both by the same Manuel Ros from a mailbox to my e-mail box.

Precise that the contact took place on the initiative of Manuel Ros through an e-mail account and through an anonymous letter, was “advised me” to contact the same Manuel Ros at the mobile number of the UAE. Phone call, again from “advice”, to be made from a pay phone coin without making a recording of the phone call.

I add that the public all in accordance with Articles 21 and 24 of the Italian Constitution, for clarity to myself and to the people who still believe in my honesty and integrity.

By Stefano Fontana, 
A Manuel Ros
SUBJECT: answer to your clarification and His wary.
Dr. Manuel Ros, since I found myself involved in your daily activities, the undersigned Stefano Fontana, residing in     is no longer the same man as before. Before I was a good person, now I’m not anymore. And mind you, not because I committed crimes, that you know it very well, but why do not I put no more trust in anyone in the world, myself first.
I was a good person and that you know it, and he knew perfectly, it has drawn freely of my credibility and confidence that I did not enjoy, but in reality I obtained with my honest work and really hard-working.
She is allowed to cheat and behave just right, from my point of view dishonest, against my clients. Until 2008 for these clients, and I can prove this at any time, fatturavo between 450,000.00 and 550,000.00 euros the year. For you these amounts are definitely minor, but for me they were a source of livelihood for myself and the future of my daughter. Now, however, losing the confidence of these customers, I can only make some technical intervention such as open some locked safes or replace some lock on some security door, with a turnover that is around 20,000.00 Euro per year. I imagine that at this point you laughs heartily with laughter, if 500,000.00 have a turnover laughable, let alone 20,000.00.
All of this; and others, like the expenses incurred by me to protect myself from fraud charges, forgery, impersonation, receiving stolen property, libel, slander, took me to a maddening situation: I no longer have the beak of a penny, rather than have large debts with the Public Administration, suppliers, employees, the mother of my daughter. Therefore it is true: they are the barrel of gas. But even that Manuel !! Indeed, sorry, Dr. Manuel Ros. I have to call the doctor because she is a law graduate.
Even that I said because I found myself having no resources with interrupted supplies, electrical current and the shed is in the home (if you want to send to send the warnings to the payment of the operator), landline phone (check the number is off and it has been assigned to another user) and even now the gas, so even wishing I could not even breathe the gas to put an end definitively, and satisfactory for you, to all of this. Why was this your goal, Dr. Manuel Ros? Bring a good person to not be true? Well to inform you that, in my case, the operation: ruin Stefano Fontana succeeded perfectly !!
I was a good person, and now I have also accumulated a substantial debt with Equitalia, with the Municipality of Assago, with suppliers of locks and safes, with wholesalers of raw materials and also with the mother of my daughter, why I am beyond fruit or the barrel of gas. Just think Dr. Ros that the mother of my daughter saw the accumulated debt (they are in arrears of 1 year and 2 months of monthly maintenance and miscellaneous expenses such as the University), prevents and prohibits to meet and even to to see me. To see her look, secretly, when you exercise or play volleyball, do you think Dr. Ros to which I arrived.
I came to a point far beyond the fruit or the barrel of gas. So much so that I go at least once a week for a coffee in Buccinasco, known meeting place of the ‘Ndrangheta in the zone controlled by the “local” of Buccinasco. After paying a few months ago, the road tax in 2011 and 2012, the car panel van, but it does have the . I said precisely that when they asked me why were paying road taxes so late I told them what I never told anyone, it to the police, let alone my daughter, relatives or friends. And that is the story of the private party to which you made me attend, remember Dr. Ros? November 2007 near Largo Augusto in Milan. I asked them if its proximity to the Ndrangheta was substantially true and I was confirmed. The toast to “Capo dei Capi” was a celebration for the promotion of a young family ‘Ndrangheta promoted to a higher level and degree within dell’ndrangheta of a gang of Rosarno, the clan of the’ Ndrangheta which basically handles all slots -machine in Italy (the slot in Italy are more than 419,000 and give a take around 52/55 billion euros per year, 2015). She is a figurehead, or rather, a “man zip” of this clan. This his collaboration began when the ‘Ndrangheta have “convinced” with intimidation, threats and terrorist acts to give the Automat and assuming after the fraudulent bankruptcy and saw that the company was in the crosshairs of the Guardia di Finanza – see mega survey sanction of Colonel (know that I got to know him in person, he was retired with the rank of general and now practice as a lawyer) -. While meeting with the gentleman who is “occupied Problems” (immediately after the party, meeting in the offices of the Mangusta / Enjoy) to be the one with the murderess look with long hair and sunglasses on her head as a circle, this does not ever told anyone, simply because I would not be believed and certainly considered insane and out of your mind that sees mafia and conspiracies everywhere.
Well Dr. Ros I must tell you now I do not even afraid of them, because I feared them and definitely not you, let alone your brother, your father, your mother, and so on.
Consequently, in addition to what I write about you also I write on the gamble (let’s call it the play does not!), Traffic of substances and waste.
As to His warnings, threats and libel have to inform you that I do the opposite of what you want: give me more energy to continue. Somehow, in this way:
• I will continue to write to the Gamble in Italy tied all”Ndrangheta blog.
• continue to write on the blog of laps business dell’Ndrangheta related to gambling, the traffic of substances carried by boats as the submarines purchased by the Navy of the former Soviet Union, trafficking in arms and in particular the acquisition of the company Kalashnikov by a Cosca Italian mafia, etc.
• I will continue to write to you blog, for example, tomorrow I’m going to go in for the presence of and write and denounce you for this umpteenth His initiative. This as a preventive measure to avoid being accused of complicity in the scam. This is to start the nearest, then I will continue to write about Remar, knows Dr. Ros is very interesting what you wrote to me and told ——.
• I was appointed one of the two coordinators of the Task Force V/S Addiction, I’m going to do info stalls against gambling in front of the rooms and to the Halls Slot racing and Bingo Halls. In addition we will campaign of information at all Local Committees of Lombardy.
• I am an activist of the Politicaly Party since 2009 and I have proposed as a speaker against the gamble and against the mafia, they made me take a course “Public Speaking” and from September to attend various information booths of Motion district in Milan and province, to start, surely I will arrive at the Regional level.
• Continue to go to drink coffee once a week in Buccinasco and once a week at the Bar – the coffee is really good know Dr. Ros, if we want to see them taste it – and they will demand of of you and your activities and who did really disappear 12.2 million in accounts in tax havens offshore.
If you or these ‘Ndrangheta really decide a definitive solution to me, please, do you know where to find me. Are disarmed, the weapons I possessed I sold both to make money and because I have been revoked is the carrying of arms for personal defense is the license for sports shooting. I’m still here and I will always be here armed only love for my daughter, my professionalism, my strange desire to drive an ambulance.
If I had to quantify the damage suffered by me because his I should start to add up all that I have no turnover since 2008, what I spent on lawyers, accountants, private investigators, financial consultants, etc.; all the time that I have not spent with my daughter, all the beautiful things in exciting – sports, music, travel – that I continued to do and the people I did not know, all the time spent in the house without light to look at the ceiling wondering : what have I done wrong to deserve this ?? The sum is 7 and a half million Euro.
And it’s clear Dr. Ros, this money will not help me to live in Monte Carlo or in Dubai. This money will not help me to buy the Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche or whatever. It will need to take back my life. Start again to work, perhaps with a shop or workshop with showroom near where I was born and raised and close to the where I was going to do meditation, I went because now I do not have even the 5 euro for ‘ entrance. To keep my daughter studies, because now will be forced to interrupt them. buy a house and a car. Give to clothes and new shoes. Buying back an electric bass, continue to play the blues with the harmonica. Giving an ambulance; they ensure that they are good people, I found more brothers and sisters in that in what is my brother, the son of my own parents, and you Dr. Manuel Ros (please note that at my father’s funeral you and your brother you told me we’d be together as a family?).
All this is pure fantasy, is not it Dr. Ros? Even if you had the money, definitely I’ll never give, because you are doing so. He never pays his debts. This is the real difference between us. The undersigned does not feel a good person because of this: I can not cope with my debts and commitments.
Written, edited by Stefano Fontana
Assago (MI), 14 July 2016 at 12.28 hours.

My personal opinion is that the contact is genuine, only the original Manuel Ros could be capable of producing a jumble of concepts and words salad; very similar both in the interviews, statements, exposed to, complaints / lawsuits forwarded and everything written on the various profiles published by Manuel Ros same in all these years.




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