The gamble, as a matter of business, is the third in Italy !!

This post is the English version of my previous post on 28 March 2015:

The gamble, as a matter of business, is the third in Italy !!
Gambling is the third largest industry in Italy. No crisis and increasing every year its turnover is estimated at 76.1 billion euro – 88.2 billion Euro in the legalized gambling in 2015 -. The illegal one, in the hands of criminal organizations, which in terms of turnover of 10 billion euro and involving 41 clans, between the Mafia, Camorra and ‘Ndrangheta. And ‘what emerges from the dossier “Azzardopoli” by Free gambling in Italy. The dossier presented by the founder of Free Don Luigi Ciotti, shows that every Italian in 2011 spent € 1,260 for groped luck. In our country there are over two million people at risk of addiction players and about 800 thousand players ‘pathological’. Dependence, psychological and economic, is one of the main factors of alarm launched during the presentation of the Free dossier.
Libera Associations: “Azzardopoli” third company in Italy with 86 billion of euro.
With a total of about 86 billion Euros the rich game company in Italy comes to be the third largest in the country with about 1,260 Euros spending per capita in 2011 to groped luck and a structure based on 400 thousand slot machines that invade cities, one every 150 inhabitants. A rich turnover, increasingly in our country, ‘notched’ in gambling with ever increasing profits for organized crime. And ‘This is the complaint coming today by the “Libera Associations” founded by Don Luigi Ciotti who presented in Rome a thick dossier entitled: “Azzardopoli” in which he warns of what is called an issue where “clans they make their game “. At present the investigation the founder of Libera Associations” Don Luigi Ciotti and the prosecutor Diana De Martino of the National Anti-Mafia Directorate. The file that is 46.1 billion euro of turnover of the legal market of the game are in 2011. This figure which puts Italy in first place in Europe by quantity of games and third in the world. Spending on games in the last year and ‘amounted to 1,260 euro per capita, including babies with 10 billion Euros of illegal turnover. There are 41 clans, according to surveys of the investigators divide the illegal market pie of gambling while it is estimated, there are about 800 thousand people addicted to gambling and almost 2 million players at risk. That the attention of the investigators on that that the same De Martino has called today “the new frontier of organized crime”, will face increasingly intense prove the ten anti-Mafia prosecutors and directions that have carried out investigations in the last year and 22 Italian cities involved with arrests and kidnappings directly related to organized crime. Investigations that led to establish that, at present, would be 3,747 irregular video games. And ‘the Lombardy Region, where more is spent in various games, still reveals the “Libera Associations” dossier, and three times a week the gaming media for so-called “pathological gamblers,” who spend more than three hours a week in these activities for a monthly average expenditure which starts from 600 €.





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