The Harder They Fall.

This post is the English version of my previous post on 27 June 2009:

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Posted on 24/06/2009 at 11:57:25

I would like to have the updated situation of Manuel Ros because I met in recent days. He wants to acquire a nightclub and promises money and surety, but after your blog stinks me a lot of buffalo.

let me know your own opinion.

currently drives a white Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera license plate from a few weeks.

Yours sincerely.


“From … The new Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is not a car for everyone, and not only for the extreme performance … To put it in the garage are in fact necessary 191,000 Euros … ..”

For months I racked my brains the brain with questions. Some I do not ask myself the most, such as: “how can Manuel Ros to behave in this way? Are not you ashamed? How do you manage to lie and to have this acting capacity? “You can not find logical explanations to the actions of this person.

But last night I got to talk to a person who has worked for years in real estate. This person has seen both the blog that the group on facebook and above all has got to know Manuel Ros.

Manuel Ros in an attempt to acquire commercial, industrial or residential does not arise limits. Consider that in the period November / December 2007 he tried to gain the whole buildings in Milan. One had been finalized a value of 90 million euro, another in downtown Milan the value was 120 million Euros and again, but the list would be too long.

Now the question is: what is the point presenting false documentation (guarantees, deeds where Ros Manuel lists of its other real estate, bank references, corporate balance sheets, etc., etc.) To acquire the property? If you are a scammer it aims (such as run on time) of the movable property (cars, trucks, computers, photocopiers, etc.). Because an asset as an entire office building or entire buildings with apartments and shops?

The logic applied to a mentality of a con man and forger could be:

if it succeeded in acquiring the property also burdened with a mortgage, the mortgage itself obviously would figure on the deed. However, if the character in question is also a forger and a few freelance control (notary or lawyer) that would place the acts without the necessary checks. This crook MAY sell a property by presenting modified purchase an act or totally rewritten in which, it does not appear mortgages or other constraints, would be the rightful owner. In this way it would complete a sale supported by false documents, but it would allow this CROOK acquire REAL MONEY !!!

This “character” has made me think of a movie from the 50’s, title: The Harder They Fall, 1956 film starring Humphrey Bogart and Rod Steiger.

The film tells the story of a boxer, a big man who gets to win many matches. But wins these meetings because they are all combined. In fact the first real encounter falls as consisting of a malleable stuff.

Manuel Ros has a clay giant and this blog is the match, the round, that will show everyone that this “giant” is nothing but a mountain of “clay.” – Although many, including me, advance the hypothesis that the matter is inconsistent another, of typical organic nature of mammals –


MANUEL ROS: the sneer of unpunished

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