Who has an addiction is a formidable customer !!

This post is the English version of my previous post on 28 August 2009: https://fontanastefano.wordpress.com/2015/03/21/chi-ha-una-dipendenza-e-un-cliente-formidabile/

People who have an addiction are the perfect customers and formidable for those who selling, or peddles, addiction itself !!
Anyone who develops an addiction, whatever it is (tobacco, alcohol, gambling, drugs, medicines, caffeine, internet, etc.) Is essentially a formidable client.
Why formidable ?? Because it is a customer or user of goods or services that is not asked any questions, performs valuations on buying necessities or on the characteristics of the good or service purchased.
Since he spends their money without thinking, without evaluating, without hesitation or thoughts does not waste time in evaluations and reasoning that instead, normally on other occasions, are being carefully weighted.
I have to buy food, drink or other necessities?
It rates than the need;
It rates the healthiness or the goodness of the product;
control the caloric intake of vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. I have to buy food;
I can tell about the origin;
Control the deadline;
They compare the prices of similar products.
I have to buy a durable good?
It rates than the need;
We rate the product meets my expectations (materials used, aesthetics, color, where it was built, guarantee);
I try to understand how this product will change or whether it can improve the perception others have of me;
They compare the prices of similar products.
All of these assessments in the case of purchase of a product linked to a dependency are not minimally considered.
It is for this reason that we develop an addiction becomes a formidable customer and this type of customer is strenuously tried !!
Because this kind of customer spends money, lots of money, often in addition to their economic spending power without any obstacles intrude or loss of time in the purchase.
Who produces, sells distributes these products and services fielding immense resources in marketing dependencies.
Marketing is a science and this sector are enormous amounts spent because the turnover is abnormally !!
We try to do local mind. The spots most successful, who are still in our minds with the most effective phrases, messages that have remained in our memory are tied in most cases just to a product that is addictive. We can even remember the message or the advertisement, but not the product, but only the kind. For example:
Do you like to win easy? – Gambling;
No Martini, no party! – Spirits;
when you have a sore head just you want you walk! – Medicines;
the first time you never forget! – Gambling;
This Milan to drink! – Spirits;
because the good times can not wait! – Medicines;
Bacardi Together – spirits;
win for life, carefree and accommodated – gambling.
Havana Club, and worship a la vida – spirits;
Also we use Moment; then the pack of 36 also agreed to you! – Medicines.
In any case, the message is always based on:
They’re cool or cool and successful, and are surrounded / a of beautiful and successful people;
use this product;
you also want to be pussy or cool and successful and be surrounded / a of beautiful and successful people?
As?? But today, use it too!
Then after, fast, very fast and small and only because forced us sbrodolano the usual warnings about the responsible use, on responsible consumption, all based on “responsibly” when they are fully aware of the fact that these products or services often lead to an addiction which creates irresponsibility, that is not a controllability of the use and abuse drives.
The immense wealth of the sector, receipts and stratospheric high margins make these areas fertile ground for the use and recycling of illicit money. If we also take into account that the dell’azzardo market is around 90 billion euro per year and has an average tax of about 10% at this point we understand what a colossal turnover speak.


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