Esposto Giudiziario presentato da manuel ros il 04apr2011 Pag. 18

The word salad of a megalomaniac! The Judicial exposed by Manuel Ros of 04/04/2011.

The word salad of a megalomaniac!

The Judicial exposed by Manuel Ros of 04/04/2011:

The word salad is a mixture of neologisms that loses understandable meaning or logical coherence. The words salads are characterized by the loss of associations and transposition of the terms that can evolve to inconsistency and loss of logical connections. They are typical of disturbed thought processes, as in schizophrenia and megalomania.
Megalomania (from the greek μεγαλομανία) is a psychopathology characterized by fantasies of wealth, fame and omnipotence. The word comes from two Greek words: megas (great) and “mania” or obsession. This mental disorder is, sometimes, symptoms of paranoid disorders and manic.
A clear example of attitude megalomaniac and paranoid is: l’ESPOSTO GIUDIZIARIO by Manuel Ros, April 4, 2011 (The attachment in .jpg files in 26 attachments).
To notice:
– Who has addressed the complaint (49 recipients including politicians and journalists at italian national level);
– The fact that debits to myself everything, absolutely everything that the ROS Manuel committed with the complicity of others from 2005 to 2010 when I unfortunately had to deal with him and his accomplices from late 2007 to mid-2008.
Incredible then the part where the same ROS Manuel argues that the undersigned has given 20,000 euros to Paolo Calabresi of the “LE IENE” di Italia 1 in order to achieve the 2 services (the March 24, 2010 – UN DISONESTO DI PROFESSIONE – A PROFESSIONAL DISHONEST –  by April 7, 2010). P. 22, lines 14 and 15.
On the other hand to say the least shocking and absurd is where the ROS Manuel claims to have a personal fortune amounted to 172 million Euros! P. 21, lines 15:16
And for me to be appropriate to EUR 12.2 million of this elusive personal wealth! P. 18, lines 51 and 52. p. 20, line 12.
At p. 20, lines 33 to 37. Manuel ROS accuses me of being the instigator of his kidnapping (totally invented!!) and the injuries he suffered, with no response, in November 2009 (see the episode of “LE IENE” di Italia 1 April 7, 2010 entitled LE BUGIE DI UN DISONESTO DI PROFESSIONE: “the lies of a professional dishonest”)
I will not comment or judge this jumble of slander, defamation and insults against me.
I leave the reader with the difficult task of reading all the exposed judiciary itself and then after being able to draw the logical conclusions!


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