Differences Between Coffee & Tea

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Coffee and tea are the two most popular caffeinated beverages in existence. While the former was cultivated for the first time ever in Arabia around 674 AD, the latter was discovered by Chinese emperor Shen Nong accidentally when a leaf dropped in boiling water.

Scientifically, tea and coffee do not differ much from one another. Both are evergreen crops and can develop into large trees if natural growth is allowed. Each of them produces a beverage whose flavour is significantly affected by conditions like moisture, surrounding vegetation and soil condition. And also, they are the two of the most commonly bought vending products in Melbourne.

On the molecular level, however, these beverages have fairly conspicuous distinctions. Tea contains catechin and tannin that are helpful in preventing heart disease and cancer, along with polysaccharides, natural fluorine, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. On the other hand, coffee consists of chlorogenic…

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