The questions I would like to do in Manuel Ros or better, I would require you an interview and ask these questions to him directly.

In the interview available on website: 25.05.2016 la-storia / the post begins with:

Below an interesting personal interview with Manuel Ros took place in a harmonious atmosphere full of intense moments that invite you to read.

Good morning Mr Manuel Ros, we are gathered here to learn more about your person and not just what’s and ‘success or what he produced, but rather what he believes, he thinks, His vision, in short, those who are’ Manuel Ros?

Hello Paola, The first I have to congratulate to be able to convince me to do this interview because if you want to start to know my special, I became suspicious and rather reserved although I understand the state not be the right way.

Who ‘Manuel Ros, I’m a normal person that today few know, he has learned throughout his life the hard way through paths that few people would come out unscathed like me, are tenacious, I have never bent at nothing, do the soul for what I believe in and I do not frighten the challenges of any kind, I know what I want and how I want it better still do not know what I want, I assume that no one gives me nothing and no one I can ever protecting as I protect myself, I believe in so many values lost by many today, I learned to see reality in its true form, the reality that many prefer not to consider, do not play with time and with the events, in almost 40 years time and ‘precious and I have already lost a lot, now I only do what I have and how I have to do without putting first before my will but only the proper ways to build and not build and undo

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1) For you, geom. Manuel Ros, did follow what indicated and promised in his “Comunicazione importante” (important comunication) and “Modulo di pagamento” (payment module) sent in July 2011 through the your lawyer in Sanremo when it was held in the French prison in Grasse? In his “Comunicazione importante” and annex “Modulo di pagamento” You promised to all the people and companies that had suffered economic damage as a result of your operation and your actions with the companies, the total refund. She listed the same companies that are: Enjoy Immobiliare Srl, Enjoy Car Italia Srl, Enjoy Yacht Srl, Enjoy Sun Srl, Enjoy Group Ltd, Mangusta Group Ltd, Mangusta Holding Ltd, Mangusta Italia Srl, Mangusta Immobiliare Srl, Mangusta Torrefazioni Srl, Me Star SCI, S.C.I. M.E. Star SCI.

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2) You, geom. Ros Manuel says that in the period in which he was held in Grasse prison in France was imprisoned with Daniele Franceschi and witnessing of, presumed, missed or delayed aid to Daniel, who has since died. She, geom. Manuel Ros, has evidence in support of this, namely that he was actually imprisoned with Daniele Franceschi and witness of the facts you have told the mother of Daniel, Cira Antignano, to whom he had sent a letter in which he gave his availability testifying to a possible liability of the French authorities.

The question is not whether you, geom. Manuel Ros, has been in prison in France. On this there is no doubt, Manuel Ros you has been for more than 3 years the demand has been in jail in Grasse: You, when been imprisoned in Grasse, you has been in the same jail cell with Daniele Franceschi?

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3) You, geom. Ros Manuel, argues that the undersigned, Stefano Fontana, has handed over to Mr. Paolo Calabresi of Le Iene Show on Italy 1 TV 20,000 Euros to achieve the two episodes brodcasting in March 24, 2010 and April 7, 2010. In these 2 episodes were interviewed just some of the testimonials that the undersigned had reported for the preparation of Le Iene Show in Italy 1 and the Striscia la Notizia of Canale 5 TV.

Geom. Manuel Ros, you have some evidence in favor of this hypothesis of his crime of corruption on the part of the undersigned against Paolo Calabresi?

Esposto Giudiziario presentato da manuel ros il 04apr2011 Pag. 22

These are just 3 of the many questions I want to ask the geom. Manuel Ros!

I would also ask Paola: how has succeeded in persuade the geom. Manuel Ros to release this very interesting word salad?

Stefano Fontana





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