Anti-fraud Analysis Part 10 – The Manuel Ros’s reaction arrested in Dubai for financial crimes and achieved by international arrest warrant.

Manuel Ros, operating in Dubai with REMAR since September 2013, was arrested on March 17, 2017 for having committed financial crimes, in jail has been notified of the international arrest warrant issued by the Italian Authorities.

As it is pathetically accustomed, in these cases, Ros Manuel acts to repay the only creditors who have taken legal action against him and paying the bail. Manuel Ros reply on April 25, he responds with a series of posts on Finsor Holding’s profile on Facebook.

These reactions of Ros Manuel on one of the few sites still active and at his disposal point out to any reasonable doubt the constant lies and castles of fake companies with which he has been working for three and a half years in the Arab Emirates.

The words and facts outlined and evidence also the constant and continuous illegal operations of fraud, scam, fraudulent insolvency, misappropriation, false documentation, false ideological, money laundering for himself and money laundering that Manuel Ros continues unceasingly to put in place by now for well over 10 years in every part of the world.


The harder they fall card castle COLLAPSED!!

As widely anticipated, since 2009 ( ) , Manuel Ros, The Harder They Fall, has fallen miserably.

Pathetically active in Dubai since October 2013, what was called the “King of Fraud” in Europe has been able to commit the same crimes and the same modus operandi adopted for years in Europe trying to interpret “the sheikh of fraud” .

We are all in tremendous expectation of the rulings that will be issued by the Authorities of the Emirates against Manuel Ros, which we now have to call “the king of the boaster” !!

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Manuel Ros arrested in Dubai.

Manuel Ros arrested in Dubai.
In Italy Manuel Ros was definitively condemned criminal convictions 10 years, 1 month and 16 days for fraudulent bankruptcy, fraudulent insolvency, misuse of credit instruments, fraud and receiving stolen goods. Crimes committed disputed 2007 to 2011 and consumed, as well as in Italy, France, Monaco, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. In 2010 (March 24 and April 7) was starred in two episodes of the program “Le Iene” 1 of Italia 1, with the actor Paolo Calabresi.
The Carabinieri (Italian Military Police) of Section IV of the Provincial Command (La Catturandi) in Milan have localized Manuel Ros in Dubai. In the Emirates, Ros Manuel has committed, in the three and a half years of stay, other Offenses for Which at this time is being held in the prisons of the country. Manuel ROS had as an operational base of His empire built on a long series of financial crimes and any carried out various fictitious companies. And there, in his office at the International Finance Center Park Tower B, they went to arrest him last Friday, local authorities has been on an international warrant issued by the Milan court.
The chief of this Section of Carabinieri specialized in the identification and capture of the remaining fugitives (Marco Prosperi), says: Manuel Ros came in the wake of scams half of Europe, its activities on social media and, in general, through its sites. In particular, to reveal its position, were two post published recently in cui boasted of being the winner – as president and CEO of Remar companies – a contract of 770 million euro for the construction of a stadium in Qatar the world Cup in 2022.
Manuel Ros proposed, again through its sites, financial investments and real estate. One of the latest proposed were 450 million US dollars in the property market, residential and hotel in the

costruire lo stadio

investimenti alle Maldive (A)