The Circle of Serial Crime.

The Circle of Serial Crime:

In the serial crime, performed by other anyone outside the victim’s life, the application of the fraud triangle is limited and ineffective. This is because in the geometric figure the lack of one of the cusps does come less the same figure.

In the modus operandi of serial crime, instead, the circular representation is more suitable.

In the actions carried out by the serial criminal the pressure it is always constantly present and button; the rationalization continuous flow, the result of self-centered and narcissistic personality of the subject and its distorted psychopathic and antisocial fantasies.

At that point, the closing of the circle is given by the continuous and constant search for opportunities. Opportunities that are grown and refined in attendance at social or business circles groups to suit oneself. Always new acquaintances and always brought to a higher level, the economic level, the social scale, the beauty of people, environments, objects and values possessed and simply ostentatious.

This continuous cycle of ideas and projects based on the pressure to take action and put in a position of abject motivations the subject to act in a way comparable to a “Terminator”. A non-human being does always looking for a target or assets. A continuous and constant pursuit the people deep to understand how you can use them as a resource, a continuous scanning of the economic potential arising from the economic and emotional involvement of the victim.